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Enter The Dogman (Video)

Created by tha dogman 1 month ago, 20 Dec 2019
tha dogman
NSW, 2912 posts
20 Dec 2019 10:50AM
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Happy Friday to all you legends in a lunchbox SeaBreezeSupWits

yep....... its been a while since Ive posted a video on here

I've been on a bit of a WILD BENDER of Working a Real Job (booooooo!!!!!) and ultimately growing a long beavertail wetsuit thing off my hairy back as a result of surfing Byron bay, finless and without a legrope too many times

that was until the other day
when Deems kindly performed
and then perched himself up on a high rock formation and PRESSED THE RECORD BUTTON on his camera

P.S. if your at work or sitting in a might want to turn the volume down on your devise....... as I found a cracka of a song called "ENTER THE DOGMAN" by trashtalk, that I used to compliment this video (its just like my old vids, loud and proud)


Riding the 10'2 DogMan Model LipStix by DEEPOCEANBOARDS

It's coming up to 3 totally epic years since Simon Hunnybun from DEEPOCEANBOARDS and my wonderful self PUT OUR HEADS TOGETHER and designed the "DogMan Lipstix Range of longboard style sups" and the "DogMan The Missile Range of shortboard style sups".

Our main objective was to design a wide range of boards that would help harness THE KEY ELEMENTS of good sup surfing "SPEED, POWER and FLOW" and then ram them into a HIGH VOLUMED BOARD that any MUG PUNTER can jump straight onto and enjoy in all conditions (from small waves, to big waves, to pure flat water)

and I personally think we totally nailed it!!!!!!!!

There is nothing better than putting a big @rsed board,
onto its big @rsed rail
and pushing it hard thru a big @rsed turn.........

In my world its all about SPEED, POWER AND FLOW.

VIC, 1875 posts
20 Dec 2019 12:48PM
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Nice work. Glad to have you back!

1863 posts
20 Dec 2019 10:12AM
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Unleashed..... Stoked to see action at the Dog Park!!!
Stick around.

NSW, 40 posts
20 Dec 2019 1:59PM
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Fantastic! Missed your videos and seeing those big rail carves!!!!

NSW, 745 posts
20 Dec 2019 2:57PM
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Love the doggy wave exit procedure

VIC, 224 posts
20 Dec 2019 3:28PM
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Im feelin some lurve for that there doggie suit... great to see you back, great boards too.

The Gambler
QLD, 102 posts
20 Dec 2019 2:28PM
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Great surfing....... no question about it!!

450 posts
20 Dec 2019 3:49PM
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And da Dog is rippin! As usual thanks for the warm bowl of froth to start the day.

119 posts
20 Dec 2019 3:51PM
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Great video and surfing!

WA, 59 posts
20 Dec 2019 8:23PM
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Yiiiieeeeewwwwww Dawgy-stylin...

Rippin waves, tunes and carves

46 posts
21 Dec 2019 12:28AM
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sweet! Surf more and make more vids. Some of my favorites.

357 posts
21 Dec 2019 1:06AM
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Smooth stylin' surfing! Good to see you kept the "dog" on leash in the park. Great to see you walking the dog! Keep throwing us these biscuits!


WA, 104 posts
21 Dec 2019 9:16AM
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The Dogman is back!!
Love your surfing and energy. Show us a finless post too. If you dig back a bit further in time you might even find a red hat!
Missed ya.

NSW, 163 posts
21 Dec 2019 1:35PM
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So good to see the man, the myth the legend gracing the forum once again. Great vid Rog, nearly as good as your 'Sex with a bearded man' vid all those years ago

VIC, 2179 posts
21 Dec 2019 5:50PM
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Great to see you back Rog.
Keep them coming.

3293 posts
21 Dec 2019 6:24PM
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nice one black dog .my kinda music too ...see ick .

tha dogman
NSW, 2912 posts
22 Dec 2019 12:12PM
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Select to expand quote
So good to see the man, the myth the legend gracing the forum once again. Great vid Rog, nearly as good as your 'Sex with a bearded man' vid all those years ago

That old clip was the best

i think that video was pulled from the net cause it was reported that it contained images of a certain kitesurfing world champ getting his hair messed up by a flea riddled dog humping his head bahaha

tha dogman
NSW, 2912 posts
22 Dec 2019 12:16PM
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Thanks for all the hi-5's everyone

may you all score epicness over the Xmas break and party like it's 1999!!!!!! Yewwwwww

NT, 346 posts
22 Dec 2019 2:47PM
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I'd only heard of the legend of Tha Dogman spoken about in hushed tones by grizzly old sea dogs, punctuated by the occasional oath - talk about laying it on friggin' RAIL!!! Jesus H Christ man! You're putting Matt Hoy to shame with that sorta rail work!!!
I can empathise with the Byron Beavertail man - had a bad case of the Suffolk skullet many years back...

Tha Dogman Lives!

WA, 986 posts
23 Dec 2019 12:05PM
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Dogman is baaack!

Love seeing longer SUP's being surfed hard, looks like an awesome wave you scored there.

Early on in my SUP journey I was very inspired by the Dogman, keep up the good work mate

1421 posts
23 Dec 2019 4:47PM
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Happy again to watch you surfing as you do hard. Would be some traffic coming back here

NSW, 274 posts
24 Dec 2019 1:12PM
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Looking good BUT you could ride a dunny door and look good - 3 years ago - who has one and is willing to tell all! A comment from the forum - beginner, intermediate and advanced riders please! Steve - was not into helicopters Rog, sort of put me off before, but speed power and flow look the goods!

NSW, 274 posts
25 Dec 2019 10:44AM
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NSW, 274 posts
26 Dec 2019 8:17AM
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Come on - review PLEASE?

VIC, 62 posts
26 Dec 2019 8:55AM
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Sweet video, thanks Dogman. Even though you're really shredding the waves there's still heaps of flow, inspiring!

NSW, 1004 posts
30 Dec 2019 4:50PM
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OMG.............from what rock have you been sheltering thou doglord!!! this joint is as dry as a vita-brit in your absence!!!!

SA, 124 posts
Thursday , 23 Jan 2020 10:55PM
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not to bad roger !!! still throwing a few buckets


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