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Face Protection from the Sun

Created by solar3 1 month ago, 13 Aug 2020
NSW, 8 posts
13 Aug 2020 1:23PM
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Sunscreens and zinc wipe off easily and is hard to reapply on a all day paddle. I've used the lycra tube but I find its too tight over the face.

Anyone have any reviews on material sun protection for face in terms of comfort, breathability and dunking in water?

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13 Aug 2020 11:39AM
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I use the Shelta face gaiter. Doesn't feel tight. Has breathing holes so it doesn't feel like I'm being water-boarded when it gets wet.

VIC, 38 posts
13 Aug 2020 1:47PM
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I've been using the ocean & earth Indo stiff peak surf hat. It's a wide brim hat with a legionnaire flap at the back and a comfortable chin strap. Stays on in wipe outs. $32 from Find Sport online

WA, 1102 posts
13 Aug 2020 1:46PM
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I been running the Xcel hooded rashie for last 5 years or so, wont win any fashion contests but either will face surgery to cut out any nasties.

I dont think they make them anymore, I bought about 3 of them a couple of years ago when my first one wore out.

Protects a fair whack of the face and neck, when I had a good beard I just zinc'd up the nose and eye area and away I went.

237 posts
13 Aug 2020 1:48PM
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Try Surf Mud, sticks like poo to a blanket

VIC, 753 posts
13 Aug 2020 4:20PM
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move to Melbourne

QLD, 492 posts
13 Aug 2020 5:01PM
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Have a look for a fishing buff. Super light weight and can wet them to keep you cool.

VIC, 2497 posts
13 Aug 2020 5:18PM
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Helmy said..
move to Melbourne

Now is that "helpful"?


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