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Fins for Windsup

Created by Dirkvb A week ago, 21 Feb 2021
VIC, 3 posts
21 Feb 2021 9:45PM
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Hi just after some advice - i finally attached a windsurf rig to my SUP ( fanatic all wave 9' (150L) ) but didn't change my original thruster fins which are 5" Futures fins. Upwind was hard and as soon as I got planing I suffered from horrid spinout, what fins should I be using, Thanks

VIC, 16654 posts
22 Feb 2021 8:37AM
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Ideally if you want to get fully planing and go upwind you need a fin that's something like this one in my vid.. (at the 10 sec Mark)

Otherewise something like a 9 or preferably 10" Dolphin shape fin might work ok.

QLD, 64 posts
24 Feb 2021 9:23AM
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If you are getting real speed out of you wind powered rig, the thrusters will start cavitating. Single longer, high aspect/low chord fin to give you some real lateral resistance. Thrusters are for turning on a rail!

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24 Feb 2021 9:52AM
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Some Allwaves have 5 boxes....use them all.
One trick is to ride the board tipped onto the windward rail, so it's always crabbing upwind..slowly.
Add power or tuttle box...and large area fin.
I was looking at Allwaves, settled on Fly 9'6" with single US box and 4.4" sides.
I sup surf with 8.5" and ws with 10.5 large area pointer.


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