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First SUP to Cross 250km Bass Strait

Created by JEG 3 months ago, 17 Dec 2018
VIC, 1029 posts
17 Dec 2018 7:59AM
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I've cross this on a comfortable boat few times and you got to pick your days and to do it on a unlimited SUP is an absolute madness!
nicko ray, well done cobber ;)

NT, 218 posts
17 Dec 2018 1:28PM
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What a legend!
old mate looked absolutely knackered at the end there.
I'm amazed he didn't get a bit more coverage.
Champion effort.

VIC, 760 posts
17 Dec 2018 4:30PM
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Look forward to that doco,great effort.

VIC, 610 posts
2 Jan 2019 8:43AM
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Quite an achievement! Well done to all involved!


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"First SUP to Cross 250km Bass Strait" started by JEG