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Fresh autumn swells

Created by surfinJ A week ago, 11 Oct 2020
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11 Oct 2020 8:39PM
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So weeks of heavy swell, wind and rain seems to have taken the polish off of the perfect sand bank. But it also washed away the summer crowds and attention from the traveling crews. We like that.

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11 Oct 2020 8:52PM
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Less people, more waves.... perfect!
Looks like a fun swell J

WA, 1116 posts
12 Oct 2020 7:08PM
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You have a pretty cool beach break there SJ, lots of room on the face!

NT, 436 posts
12 Oct 2020 10:17PM
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Cool clip J - nice bank with hardly any crew out, good waves and great choice of tunes!
The Glimmer Twins adding just the right amount of atmospherics.
Nice one.

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13 Oct 2020 2:50AM
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Rolling waves ,rolling stones ,rolling good time surfinJ.


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"Fresh autumn swells" started by surfinJ