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GONG Karmen

Created by ghost4man A week ago, 13 Sep 2021
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13 Sep 2021 4:55PM
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Long story short I missed out on purchasing a GONG Karmen that was listed on Seabreeze for what I think was a very reasonable price.

I have over the years had an interest in these boards if only for Colas and his contribution to the forum.

Sadly GONG do not supply in Australia for a number of reasons which makes sense given their locale.

This is basically a shout out to the purchaser to provide feedback if possible. I do have a potential option with a relative who lives in Europe who could purchase and bring to Australia when borders open up.

In saying that we just don't have the opportunity to try before you buy so one is reliant upon feedback.

At 8"4 x 30 and 120L with a weight of just 5.9kg this board looks the goods.

Currently running an 8"0 JL Destroyer which is a great board.

Cheers Ozzie


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"GONG Karmen" started by ghost4man