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Get out of the wind

Created by wayneos 7 months ago, 10 Feb 2019
WA, 6 posts
10 Feb 2019 6:50PM
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Looking for spots around Perth were we can paddle where it's a bit calmer / shelted from the wind
Don't mind some wind just not 20to30knots
It's been so windy in the afternoons so if anyone can add spots we can all get out and enjoy our waterways

Add your spots for other wind directions too (easterlies Westerlies and so on )
Look forward to hearing them

QLD, 1315 posts
13 Feb 2019 5:16PM
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They must all be too busy kiting!!

279 posts
13 Feb 2019 3:28PM
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Either do downwinders where you need to arrange 2 forms of transport to drop off and collect.
Or get into windsurfing and sup on light wind days.

VIC, 826 posts
13 Feb 2019 9:21PM
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Your in Perth, never going to happen. Try dawn?


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"Get out of the wind" started by wayneos