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Gold Coast ocean Race

Created by petedorries 4 months ago, 14 Sep 2017
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14 Sep 2017 2:15PM
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The results are above for the Gold Coast Ocean Race.
SUPs went off 1st and did a shorter course that the sit down paddlers.
Conditions were EPIC. The wind came up and produced awesome downwind conditions after the forecast looked dismal.

Jake Jensen was 1st on an Unlimited but.....
Matt Nottage rode a FLATWATER board in the race and almost WON!!! (a close 2nd). He did lead but came in too early and battled side on wind for the last km or so. This blew me away as I think his board was a 21.5 Starboard Ace.

A well run race with the Sups been welcomed and didn't have to mingle with other craft until the finish.
Many 1st timers on their down winding journey.


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