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Has anyone added tie-down points to their composite board?

Created by Kayakconvert Two weeks ago, 1 Aug 2019
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1 Aug 2019 5:41PM
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I've bought a 2nd hand 2017 Naish Glide. I like it but it needs cargo bungees on the rear before it is ready for expeditions. I see the 2020 version has them - no idea why they didn't put them on before that.

I could just add the PVC D ring patches you can buy for Isups or ribs using contact adhesive but that is going to look look ugly as. Or....I could glass in some surfing leash plugs. Has to the potential to be very neat or go horribly wrong! Not a complete novice with glass and resins but this would be a bit of a step into the unknown. Could probably do with a donor board ( a dead surf/wind/sup board) to test drive on first.

Anyone had the same issue and care to share what you went for and your reasoning. And how it went!

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1 Aug 2019 8:11PM
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2 Aug 2019 9:44AM
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I have used these and they worked well...


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"Has anyone added tie-down points to their composite board?" started by Kayakconvert