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How to get water out of epoxy boards

Created by cripple > 9 months ago, 26 Mar 2013
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26 Mar 2013 10:14PM
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Does anyone know first hand how to get water out of epoxy boards?

Does the water pool under the ding or disperse through out the board due to the open cell nature of the blank.

I have heard of:
Pulling out the vent plug and pressurizing the board to about 5psi.
Heating up the ding with an open flame. No thanks!
Centrifuge and drilling a hole at each end. My SUP is 9'11". Love to see it done!

I suspect it has been sucking small amounts of water over a long period.

Interested to hear your thoughts.

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26 Mar 2013 10:24PM
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drill a hole were you think the water is put some dunny paper in there and let the wind blow past it water will be drawn out it take time dont pump up the board dont heat it give me a call if you like Marcus and I pro at it now

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27 Mar 2013 7:08AM
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Hi cripple,

Lay/stand the board in the sun with the hole or crack at the lowest point. It will find its way out as the board warms up. Leave it there until water no longer seeps out.

If you're not sure where it's getting in, stand the board on end and drill a small hole at the tail to allow it to drain.


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27 Mar 2013 7:46AM
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Stoked to read the replies. I just scored an awesome 11ft prone mal and am scared sh!tless of dinging her.

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27 Mar 2013 5:13PM
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It seems like all the experts say that rather than use a bit of "dunny paper" you have to use some sort of vacuum pump arrangement (tried the dunny paper didn't work too well)

VIC, 96 posts
27 Mar 2013 9:27PM
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Hi Cripple
If you can find someone with a vac pump who knows how to use it, they work incredibly well, but can still take some time to get the water out if it has been absorbing water in for a long time.
First you need to know where the water is getting in, the tell tail sign will be bubbling or foaming on the surface around a crack or ding, leash plug and fin boxes or handle inserts can also have leaks between them and the body so have a good look. Normal if it is in the sun/heat (not getting hotter than 65deg c) some water turns to steam and rises as it is lighter than air and bubbling out the crack, so the board needs to be placed with the leak area at the top, this is when a tissue can be jammed into the crack or leak area to help disperse it and evaporate quicker.

I have done a few small repairs and found these methods to work well, i have also found that water is easiest to remove from the hole it got in, not trying to get it out another hole made at a different location on the board. Water gets into ESP foam but does not flow through rapidly.

If your not so handy with handy man stuff then i suggest finding a good repairer

Good luck

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27 Mar 2013 10:21PM
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Thanks to all that replied I have a few ideas to try.

I appreciate your input.

SurfershaneA hang it on the wall because they don't stay new if you use them properly. Go hard!

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28 Mar 2013 10:20PM
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Some useful info here

Good luck.


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