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Infinity Escape Pod

Created by surfmore 1 month ago, 13 Oct 2023
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13 Oct 2023 2:59AM
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Infinity Escape POD

Twin Fin SUP. Interesting.

Anyone ever ride a twin fin sup?

ESCAPE POD - Shred & Speed (

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13 Oct 2023 1:15PM
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surfmore said..
Anyone ever ride a twin fin sup?

Yes, I had Simmons boards, it was really fun in weak waves.
I dont have twin fins anymore, since Quobba do not make (yet) twins, I cannot see myself using regular fins again :-)

In my experience, the fin placement is critical on twin fins. On quads the distance between the front and rear fins stabilizes the board.
No such things with twins.
If I had a Twin fin shaped, I would ask for US Box rails. My brother had a (prone) twin with US Box (Surfboards Hawaii), it was great.

9 years ago on my 6'10" Simmons:

11 years ago, the Gong shaper on a 8'0" Simmons. An interesting video, "stolen" by my wife that shows "real world" waves (in Corsica) and rides that you nearly never see in videos, as they are edited out. But you can see the accelerations of a twin fin in crappy waves.


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