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Kai Lenny jet surfing.

Created by DavidJohn > 9 months ago, 12 Apr 2013
VIC, 16157 posts
12 Apr 2013 9:54AM
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Not sup but a great vid..

There's no need for a paddle with this new toy.

This thing's like an motorized skateboard for the ocean..



NSW, 1262 posts
12 Apr 2013 10:04AM
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WOW!!! That looks sooooo fun!!

QLD, 1285 posts
12 Apr 2013 10:56AM
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Surfers already hate me and my assorted anti-social quiver of toys.

imagine if i had one of these.

i could take tow-in to the next level, tow your mate then ride yourself.

QLD, 218 posts
12 Apr 2013 12:36PM
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Since the fatality last year all powered watercraft have been banned from or have very restricted use in all Hawaiian coastal waters.
Please correct me if this has changed since last year,advice from APOLA

NSW, 4188 posts
12 Apr 2013 1:59PM
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Great tool for the right situations, but I hope the stay expensive, otherwise our beaches / breaks are about to have a whole lot more carnage than they already do

PS: I wonder how noisy they are.

faito anto
VIC, 181 posts
12 Apr 2013 2:14PM
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Not as bad as jet skis, but I still hope they never make it to Australia.

Powercraft invariably end up being powered by bogans who threaten the serenity and the safety of other people looking to enjoy nature in a more harmonious fashion.

QLD, 218 posts
12 Apr 2013 3:00PM
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Can any one confirm the banning of powered water craft in Hawaiian waters


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"Kai Lenny jet surfing." started by DavidJohn