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Kauai SUP Surf Spots/ Shop

Created by ryno15 27 days ago, 18 Jun 2019
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18 Jun 2019 11:01PM
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Heading to Kauai in late August 2019. Anyone know of good SUP retailers to hire board/paddle and spots to check out?

Waikiki is sorted with the Blue Planet boys but hopefully someone has experienced some good crew in Kauai for some advice/service.


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3 Jul 2019 9:38PM
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Try look for a guy named Ambrose in Kapa'a. Yellow shop, had all kinds of boards back in the day.
Also some surf shops down around Poipu. Think maybe Rochelle Ballard has a shop down that side, maybe even Margo Oldberg had a shop there too. He'le on to Kauai.... Paradise....

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4 Jul 2019 7:46AM
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Ambrose Curry. Uses to give him a ride down the coast a couple times a week back in the latter '60's.
Good surfer and moved to Kaui with the Pedro Pt. crowd.


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"Kauai SUP Surf Spots/ Shop" started by ryno15