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Malindo Air - Perth to Denpasar with a SUP and paddle

Created by Hooksey Two weeks ago, 27 May 2019
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27 May 2019 3:21PM
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Has anyone recently flown from Perth to Denpasar with Malindo Air and brought a SUP + paddle. The webpage states that there is a fee of RM65 per board.

Any issues to mindful of?

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28 May 2019 10:39PM
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I haven't flown with them but regardless of who, if it's your first plane trip with your SUP, use lots of padding/bubble wrap. I have damaged more boards while travelling overseas than I am while Supping. I keep my paddles separate and take 2 paddles and extra leg ropes, especially the thicker/stronger ones that are handy in big waves. I always get stung for extra weight fees regardless of the airline, but you can often prepurchase baggage allowance for sporting equipment (usually cheaper than paying when you check in). Bringing your roof straps can be helpful at times but the vans can usually just fit a 8.5 ft SUP inside. Ps. If you out two airport trolleys together, you can sit your board on top and your bags underneath. Then you won't need porters.

Hope it all goes well for you.

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30 May 2019 5:37AM
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my last trip ,i had one bag ,my SUP, and piled all my clothes in that ,it was well under the weight required for qantas ,
i paid for a extra bag ,it was cheaper .

but i reckon no matter the cost ,its worth taking your own board ,that 8,3 will tear those Indo waves up hooksey .

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31 May 2019 10:14PM
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I bought Malindo flights last year. They ended up cancelling the flight and gave my money back 16 weeks later.

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1 Jun 2019 4:06PM
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Normally fly Garuda with several SUPs & 4 paddles & no probs or $$
Malindo a mate has flown with a 8'5" with no issues, lots of bubble wrap or double bag.


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