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Naish Glide in the surf?

Created by bribiecrew > 9 months ago, 15 Nov 2016
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15 Nov 2016 6:26AM
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I have a 12' Naish Glide, the 2015 model, and have tried to take it out in small surf, which has been an epic fail. I kept falling off the back as the board caught the swell. It took off and left me for dead! Should I persist or am I on the wrong board? I originally bought the Glide for use on lakes and creeks and it has been a great board for this, but I don't know whether it will work in 1 - 2 foot waves? The paddle feels good for flat water, but felt too long for the surf? it is not adjustable. Any advice appreciated.

VIC, 16108 posts
15 Nov 2016 9:08AM
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It's a flat water board.. It can be surfed in small waves but it's pretty tricky for most people including myself..

This is my old 12'6'' Glide in small surf..

and this is my new 12' Glide [probably like yours].. It downwinds ok and should also surf ok in the right surf conditions..

If you want to surf you'd be much better on a surf board shape board..

WA, 2939 posts
15 Nov 2016 7:23AM
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You need to start paddling early and get the board moving before the wave hits.i surf my 14 .but move up the back as soon as you can to aviod nose diving.keep can be done as shown on DJ vids.but a mana would be better.or nalu.

NSW, 641 posts
15 Nov 2016 2:17PM
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What about a JP hybrid ?


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