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New paddle - Blackfish Nootka

Created by Haddock 1 month ago, 10 Aug 2021
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10 Aug 2021 3:42PM
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I've been contemplating a new paddle for some time since I bought my Werner nitro second hand about 10 years ago!!! It has been excellent, solid, light and pretty much bombproof, but I have come to realise that it is also unforgiving in stiffness and blade size and less suited to the fact that I only paddle in surf these days.

I was looking at Ke Nalu paddles, but simply couldn't seem to source the right one in the UK, so went up to the Sup Shack in New Quay (Wales) a week or so back. They stock the Blackfish range of paddles and I was impressed by the quality of the stock they had there, so I immediately ordered a 520 bladed carbon Nootka. The paddle got delivered on Friday and I've had a weekend on flat water and surf and am wondering why I didn't make the switch sooner. The new paddle is epic, easier on the shoulders, faster to catch waves, easier to switch hands, oh and it's lighter too!!

I'm a very happy bunny.


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"New paddle - Blackfish Nootka" started by Haddock