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Created by patino 8 months ago, 13 Jun 2018
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13 Jun 2018 1:52PM
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I just purchased by first SUP board and the only measurement I was worried about was weight (would it hold me). I've attempted to go out two days in a row and I haven't been able to successfully stand up and go. I'm fine on my knees, but standing up isn't working right now. The board is 11 ft tall and 30 inches wide. It's inflatable. I'm thinking I may have a board that is too narrow for me, but I've also tried to get the board to 15 PSI and am thinking I may need to fill it up more. Does anyone have any tips for me? Any ideas on what the issue may be? (I'm 5'11 and 285, so I'm a big guy, but the board says it can handle up to 329.).

Thank you

VIC, 1732 posts
13 Jun 2018 8:27PM
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Welcome to the forum!

You may have a few challenges.

30" is a bit narrow when you are just starting out, and at 130 kg you will need extra stability. Many people, especially those who have a little extra weight, might go for 33" or even 34" wide boards.

I can't say for sure, but the weight rating may be more to do with the board's ability to support a weight without failing, rather than a guide for who should be able to ride it.

You will need air pressure to make the board stiff. When you were paddling did it bend at all? Did your feet sink in at all. Stiff is good.

The other problem you have is that most inflatables are quite thick, so you could be 5" above the water. That makes it corky.

What were the conditions like? Any chop on the water, or wind on you, will make it harder to balance.

So I guess you have to decide what to do... Time spent in perfect conditions will help you get your sea legs, but you may need to rent or buy something quite a lot wider to get started. You may well find your current board is fine in the future, but 30" wide and 5" thick may always be a little challenging...

I hope that helps.

VIC, 16070 posts
13 Jun 2018 9:02PM
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Shame you didn't demo first.. or ask here first.. Because I'm thinking at your weight and ability.. and being an inflatable board.. you need a 32-34" wide board. Where are you located?


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