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North Stradbroke island advice for SUP surfing ?

Created by London 24 days ago, 24 May 2019
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24 May 2019 7:14AM
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Im keen to take the family to north stradbroke island for a week in October.

I want to hire a sup board for the week and surf some small easy waves each morning then hang out with family.....

I wont have a car as im coming into brisbane from out of town.
I know nothing about the island

Any advice would be appreciated.

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24 May 2019 11:18AM
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Take shark proof suits! There was a tale in the early 80's about a local paddling out for a surf and a shark breached in front of him and he quickly turned around and went back to shore. There use to be a surf board with a bite mark hanging in the Surf club once apron a time!!!

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25 May 2019 12:40PM
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Depends where your staying on Straddie. October is the beginning of Northerly wind season, but it is only the beginning and they usually don't kick in 'till afternoon. Anything with south in the direction will have you surfing from Cylinders to around to the pub and Adder rock.
I haven't been there in years ( before I started to sup - or anyone ) so don't know what the attitude to SUP vibe is like.
With a bit of north in the direction you have point look out and beachies beyond to the south. But with out a car its too far to lug a sup from one to the other.
And I do remember seeing some big "things" in the water, but not all sharks. And to be honest if there was a shark attack there we would hear about it on the news here in the south east of QLD. Mind you there have been a few in the past and one was quite horrific, at Amity point I think.
I know I'm way over due a little trip there myself and the daughter would love to surf there as well, enjoy!

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26 May 2019 2:36PM
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Cylinders, Deadmans, Main Beach near the surf club. Frenchmans can get a bit hectic if it's heaving but doable. We take our own boards on the fourby on the car ferry, beach driving allowed with a permit. It's normally a winter trip for us, so not sure about October. Top spot, still surprises me how many people in Brizvegas don't bother. Another advantage.


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"North Stradbroke island advice for SUP surfing ?" started by London