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Paddle repair

Created by CharlieF > 9 months ago, 28 Feb 2016
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28 Feb 2016 7:47AM
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I noticed recently I was getting water in my paddle shaft when surfing. At first I thought it was leaking at the handle/shaft join but have discovered a tiny pin hole in the handle itself. I have drilled out the hole with my smallest drill bit and plan to fill it with solar resin unless someone has a better idea. I presume the leak is a flaw in the carbon mat which is suprisingly thin. I currently have the paddle hanging outside to drain and dry. Thanks Charlie.

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28 Feb 2016 8:20PM
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Yep had that same problem's from putting them down on hard surfaces and bumping the handle end.mine was on the
corners of the handle .
i used shelly's knead it fill the holes ...which can be used for petrol tanks ...then resin ..but just the resin should do the job .
you just got to make sure it fills the holes .2 light coats .maybe .


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"Paddle repair" started by CharlieF