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Question: can i buff up the bottom of my board

Created by deanrobi > 9 months ago, 4 Dec 2016
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4 Dec 2016 4:02PM
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I have a Starboard SUP that has seen a fair bit of use and the bottom is looking old and worn, is it possible to buff up the bottom of the board? if so what's the best method to use

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4 Dec 2016 3:57PM
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If the white marks disappear when you pour water on them, the simplest solution is to apply some clear varnish. The Spray cans for cars work well. Choose glossy or mat to match the board.

If not, it means the red paint itself is worn out, anda new paint job is the only solution, but it will be tricky to do properly.

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4 Dec 2016 4:19PM
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Can you buff your board? Hell yeah ...use good products ...I use meguirers ..avoid heavy cutting compound ,it may take the white off .
maybe a light cut ,then ,I like yellow wax or wet look ...
see what it looks like after just a wax first boards do oxidise ..I polish every month
salt and grim just wash off ...and I reckon it's faster ...they wax racing yachts.


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"Question: can i buff up the bottom of my board" started by deanrobi