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Repairs to Carbon Boards

Created by Rosey3008 > 9 months ago, 8 Jan 2015
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8 Jan 2015 6:36PM
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Gday Guys,

Whilst washing my board down after a paddle today I found a crack in the bottom of my board. It looks like an impact crack, but no idea how it got there. The board is a Glide GX and I've only had it less than a month. Is it repairable? and what is the best way. if anyone in SA has a good repairer that would also be handy.



QLD, 118 posts
8 Jan 2015 7:00PM
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Really looking forward to some replies to this thread too.

SA, 2846 posts
8 Jan 2015 6:49PM
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Leighton Clark

Legend board repairer

Call him
0422 443 789

QLD, 1344 posts
8 Jan 2015 7:31PM
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Prob got a little water in there if you didn't know u had the crack..
If repairing urself I'd make the crack a little bigger. Twist some tissue paper in there fanning it out at the end and let it sit facing down changing paper everyday. Should draw out the water from Around the area.

If a small crack I just use marine expoxy putty from bunnings comes in a tube form, green when u smoosh it turns white. Sand back and mould in around the crack then sand back smooth. Touch up paint if desired.
My board has had easy 5 cracks repaired this way and all seem to be fine over 12 months old.

I've also had bigger cracks professionally repaired by a surfboard maker where they have put carbon and glass down and worth paying for

Or If only a small crack like 20c piece just put a puka patch over it. Will hold it water tight for ever until u do damage else where then fix all at once.

I'm just a novice at repairs but have been successful in what I've done over the last two years. About to try fix a decent delamination on a board soon hopefully I have a win with it.

SA, 123 posts
8 Jan 2015 7:51PM
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Try Mid coast surf 83845522 just had 2 x 14fts repaired very happy with the finish

ACT, 9 posts
9 Jan 2015 12:13AM
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Thanks guys, will give a call and get a quote. It's only about the size of a 5c piece.

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8 Jan 2015 11:28PM
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Saw this info on the "zone" yesterday.... it made me think.

I would probably not have taken all these precautions, and just did what I always do with poly or epoxy.... so I'm glad I read it

Ponobill's advice about working with carbon:

"First of all, wear a respirator to work with carbon. You will NOT get carbon dust out of your lungs and it's sharp as a razor. Be careful with the shards. they go in slicker than a splinter and can travel. Gloves, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and then wash everything by itself"


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