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Rock Smash Repair

Created by AlNaishHokua Two weeks ago, 13 Feb 2021
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13 Feb 2021 8:38PM
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Hey guys,

After trying to be a hero, surfing too close to the rocks in head high+ surf, I managed to:
- crack the nose of my Naish Hokua (hanging on by a string)
- crack the rail
- lose a fin and fin plug
- scrape the bottom of the board

Any recommendations on where to buy material? And what materials are best for a big job (put nose back together, fill up the cracks on the rails, replace fin plug, etc.)

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13 Feb 2021 8:33PM
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Dry it out completely, this wil take a few weeks.
Glue it all back together with white gorilla glue, inject into any soft spots. This stuff foams and really does major repairs well. Do no use epoxy, that will just make a brittle spot.
Glass over with a few layers of 4oz S-glass and some surfboard epoxy (unsure what you have down there).

You'll gain weight but it will be solid.

Mark _australia
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13 Feb 2021 11:27PM
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No insult intended but if you have to ask where to buy materials, a job this big may not be for you.
The fin plug insert repair, done right, needs a couple different materials to just a rail smash. Grantmac's advice may do for a small fill, but you need a lot more for fin plugs etc.

have a look at and/or Alex Aguera's videos about fin box installs - or FCS install videos - and then decide.

Please do learn to repair epoxy boards- I think everyone should, but starting with a basic nose job and ending up with a wonky thing thats sealed and nowhere-near-a-match-paint-job gets you ready for harder stuff. I'd not advise 4 repairs and especially not new fin inserts for a first timer until you've done a basic repair


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