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SUP Hire Kuta, Bali

Created by 515 Two weeks ago, 25 Sep 2019
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25 Sep 2019 4:28PM
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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend Sup hire in Kuta, Bali.
Preferably for riding waves.

VIC, 161 posts
25 Sep 2019 9:37PM
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You can rent smik spitfires and hipsters from ripcurl surf school Sanur will deliver to your hotel

NT, 262 posts
25 Sep 2019 9:23PM
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Don't know what you'll find along Kuta beach .
Can get boards delivered from -
Janki , @ Sanur , - Jimmy Lewis n Starboard
RipCurl School of surf @ Sanur, - Smik n Starboard
Priority , @ Kelan, Jimbaran bay - range of local made boards. These guys are on other side of Airstrip from Kuta with Airport Rights out front .
Found them all easy to deal with

NSW, 151 posts
25 Sep 2019 10:20PM
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I used Janki, he had jimmy lewis boards, boards are a bit beat up but you'll be fine, take your own paddle though, he'll deliver to you ....for a fee
no fuss easy service

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26 Sep 2019 4:19AM
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Thanks for the options seabreeze
Keen on airport rights.
It's cold in Auckland today and fly tomorrow


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