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Created by Mickie Williams 3 months ago, 27 Nov 2018
Mickie Williams
NSW, 9 posts
27 Nov 2018 9:17AM
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Hi Everyone.
Im just after some feedback as I'm in two frames of mind about pouring a large amount of energy & associated cost into the SUP THE GONG event.
The event would have 10ft + surfing at Nth Gong (which is a very inconsistent beachie) and an awesome flatwater course in Wollongong Harbour consisting of distance, knockout racing and sprints as well as a BOP component in the ocean over two days.
At this stage I really can't do this all by myself and would love some help.
Feel free to comment below if you would be interested as I have to commit to this 100% or don't even bother.
Kind regards
Michael Williams

NSW, 7 posts
30 Nov 2018 6:58PM
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Hi Michael,
I am a novice when it comes to surf competition, racing events.
I paddle just for fitness and fun.
Have you considered starting smaller like a social paddle board event. Build on numbers of paddlers and also who can help with what. Create a mini community that take pride in being part of this sport.
When enough people attending with passion you can form a club/ committee. Each with a role within the club that will assist staging larger events.
This would take a lot less commitment and responsibility from yourself.
I have been involved in junior sports for many years and there would be no chance I would consider trying to get this off the ground from nothing.
In saying that there is no greater place to hold such an event. Than Wollongong Harbour and surrounding areas are perfect locations.
If you are planning on starting in a smaller way I would consider assisting.
Sean Hofman

NSW, 62 posts
30 Nov 2018 8:22PM
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10ft+ surfing doesn't interest me but defiently will do the racing.
A downwinder on the lake could be an option to consider too.


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