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SUP WA events in May

Created by Laneo 24 days ago, 30 Apr 2019
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30 Apr 2019 5:59PM
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Hi Crew in case you are wondering what is happening in the West for SUP'ers, here is a run down both events are held on the Canning River at Deep Water Point Reserve, Mt Pleasant.
5th May is the Paddleloop - A fun event where the winner isn't the fastest across the line, but the one who finishes closest to their nominated time.
11th May is the Red Paddle Company SUP 5000 - a great opportunity to paddle a series of across short distances, with 3- 4 starts. Designed for anyone with a sup, from surf boards, inflatables and race boards.

Entry is through the Events page at website

Hope to see you there!


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"SUP WA events in May" started by Laneo