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SUP river fin

Created by DougWA2 Two weeks ago, 6 Sep 2020
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6 Sep 2020 7:44PM
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Hi. I just purchased my first "proper" SUP. I need a small river friendly fin for it which I assumed would be easy to find and quite cheap - seems I was wrong :-(

Any suggestions on how to find a river fin at a reasonable price?

Thanks - Doug

Mark _australia
WA, 19969 posts
6 Sep 2020 9:23PM
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Is it a US box (like longboard)?

Old windsurfing waveboards used to use 19 - 25cm fins like that and nobody wants them anymore. Get a half stuffed one and sand it a bit to refresh - $30 ish

Windsurfing Perth will have plenty, if you don't mind plastic which would be fine for the river:

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7 Sep 2020 12:38AM
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I have this fin from Hala gear that is a 4.5" flexible fin. Other companies sell the same fin in the 4.5" and shallower 3" as well. It fits most fin boxes. If you do a search for river fin for stand up paddling, you will probably get a hit from a company closer to you that sells a river fin.

Another option is to get a standard dolphin fin or touring option that has some flex/plastic construction and sand it down for shallow water use. Most inflatables come with these flexible dophin fins standard, and shops typically carry aftermarket dolphin fins.


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