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SUPWA AGM Dinner, Aloha Award Closes and Most Improved SUP Nominations

Created by Laneo A week ago, 13 Aug 2019
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13 Aug 2019 10:28AM
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Hi SUP'ers,
FIRSTLY: VOTING CLOSES AT NOON TODAY for the Aloha Award! Have you nominated a worthy SUP'er? It is apparently very close! Head to the link and place your vote!

Final reminder to get your tickets and attend the AGM and Annual Dinner on FRIDAY at COAST. It is helpful to purchase your ticket now, so that we can let COAST know the numbers for the Share Plates and goodies to eat. The agenda for the AGM is short and sweet, but it is your chance to ask questions and give your valued feedback, so please make sure you attend.TICKETS AVAILABLE -
The Most Improved Award - CONGRATUALATIONS to the Nominated SUP'ers.
This is a
warded to a Female and Male paddler, competitive or social, who has shown great improvement throughout the season. The Most Improved SUP'er will be announced on the night, but all the nominations will hopefully be in attendence, so you can give them all a pat on the back in recognition of their improvements!
MALES: Chris Twomey
Damian England
Darren Pratt
Darron McNab
Derek Cross
Greg Kitson
Ron Younger
FEMALES: Angela Juengling (JJ)
Karen McNab
Kerry Grant
Isabella Olney
Tashka Goswell
IMPORTANT NEWS: President Gordon Stimson has served his 2 year role, and has decided to step down as President next year. The AGM will be his final day as president, so let's take the opportunity to say thanks for his unlimited dedication to the role!
RAFFLE DRAW DATE CHANGE: The SUPWA Raffle will be extended until the 6th October, so this will give us more time to sell tickets. Put the date in your diary as SUPWA will plan on another fun SUP Gathering and raffle draw. If you would like purchase tickets please find them on line or with a State Rep.
See you on Friday for a great night out!
Many Thanks,The 2018/2019 SUPWA Committee
Stimo, Geoff, Renee, Jade, Sue, Nicki, Cristiana, Sally, Steve and Crawf


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"SUPWA AGM Dinner, Aloha Award Closes and Most Improved SUP Nominations" started by Laneo