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Sad news of a friend

Created by Subsonic 1 month ago, 8 Aug 2021
WA, 2406 posts
8 Aug 2021 8:06PM
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Hi SUPers, in case any of you knew Greenroom. as i understand, he was right into SUPing as well as many other watersports

Just got the sad news from a friend of mine that Owen Palliers (i believe he was Greenroom on seabreeze) was involved in a car accident last night and tragically passed away as a result.

I didn't know Owen personally, only by his posts on here and from my friend telling me of his crazy windsurfing/surfing exploits. From what i have heard, he was quite the waterman who ventured across multiple disciplines.

his brother started a go fund me to help the family pay for his funeral:

RIP Greenroom

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8 Aug 2021 8:10PM
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R.I.P Greenroom ...sad news ...go with the breeze brother .

QLD, 21571 posts
9 Aug 2021 5:22AM
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Tragic news he was full of knowledge and always had a positive input into seabreeze RIP Greenroom.

WA, 1206 posts
9 Aug 2021 7:00AM
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Hectic news, condolences to his family.

Never met him but he sounded like one hell of a waterman - RIP Greenroom

VIC, 16813 posts
9 Aug 2021 10:06AM
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Very sad new and thanks for letting us know..

I've known Greenie for year and he was a very good 'Seabreeze' friend who would often 'out of the blue' contact me and we would chat.. I always wanted to venture over to WA and catch up with him in person.

It's sad that that won't happen now.. I'll miss him.

WA, 6220 posts
9 Aug 2021 8:23AM
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Have known Greenie for many many years. From Lano trips chasing wind and swell when we both lived in Perth to now both living in the SW and foiling. He will be sadly missed by the whole community down here. Please support Simone, Jake and Kirra by donating above. Absolute tragedy. RIP Owen.

WA, 2406 posts
9 Aug 2021 8:54AM
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Thanks for that hilly, apologies for the link above not working.

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9 Aug 2021 10:41AM
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Very sorry to hear this news. Our little community is rich with connections to many interesting people from all corners of the world, brought close by common interests. Greenie will be missed.Peace and prayers for all of his family and friends.

VIC, 939 posts
9 Aug 2021 1:59PM
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Such tragic news, did my first Doctor race as part of the Starboard crew with Owen in 2010. He was such a genuine, kind and interesting guy - devastating. Condolences to his family

NSW, 1230 posts
9 Aug 2021 2:26PM
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RIP Champion . By the sounds of things you were truly at one with God's creation in nature . You lived the life

WA, 145 posts
9 Aug 2021 12:46PM
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Sad news. My thoughts are with the family.

NSW, 3748 posts
9 Aug 2021 5:59PM
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Horrible news. Greeny was a great contributor to this forum right from the early days (12 years ago). I considered him an "online" friend - a lovely bloke. RIP.


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