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Scotts Head 2019?

Created by stehar Two weeks ago, 5 Mar 2019
NSW, 238 posts
5 Mar 2019 12:10PM
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Hello Jason - is it happening this year - do you need any help? How can I help if you need it - email me!

NSW, 37 posts
5 Mar 2019 4:00PM
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It is happening with the help of the Newcastle SUP Club. Details should be released via the FB page shortly. Best to contact the club directly if you want to lend a hand.

NSW, 76 posts
5 Mar 2019 10:22PM
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Hey Steve I don't think Jason is involved anymore Newcastle sup club will be running it.

NSW, 33 posts
8 Mar 2019 9:00AM
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The 2019 Scotts Head Paddle Games will be hosted by Newcastle SUP Club on June 14-16. All details regarding on line entries, divisions , sponsors and event happenings will be released shortly by social media. We are just waiting on some finer details to be confirmed. If you need to know anything in the mean time please contact NSUPC via our FB page and we will help you out anyway we can.
Cheers Craig


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"Scotts Head 2019?" started by stehar