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Scratches on inflatable sup

Created by AsH2dOpE > 9 months ago, 19 Mar 2018
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19 Mar 2018 8:17PM
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I recently bought an inflatable paddle board.

After a few uses I found some rather deep scratches under the nose.

It is not a hole but I would like to ensure it doesn't go through..

What's the best way to fill in the scratches? Should I just use the patch glue to seal it?


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20 Mar 2018 9:42AM
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Honestly, I have a strip of duct tape under the. One of mine. It's a common scratch point. Good stuff, also known as "Alabama Chrome."

VIC, 71 posts
20 Mar 2018 3:30PM
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Did it come with a repair kit? If so, you could always glue a patch over the scratches as a precaution.


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"Scratches on inflatable sup" started by AsH2dOpE