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Sup board on a scooter?? Anyone do it?

Created by Nugdam 24 days ago, 4 Nov 2020
QLD, 518 posts
4 Nov 2020 7:36PM
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We are coming towards summer in Queensland now and I'm thinking about getting a scooter with board rack so I don't have parking issues plus I want to zip around on it when I'm out and about checking the beaches.

I mostly ride 8-8'5 boards so nothing extremely long. But I guess being wide they can be fairly wind effected and blow you around? It's mostly 60kmh roads to get to the beach and I'm 5km from the beach.

Does anyone do it and how do you find it?

WA, 131 posts
5 Nov 2020 1:37PM
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It is a nice idea but if it was me I would never consider it. It is far too dangerous. There is a fair amount of wind force and with a lightweight scooter you can easily get blown off track, into another vehicle or off the bike. If you ride a motorbike or scooter you should have full protection. This means gloves, jacket, boots and kevlar jeans. If you are just popping out for a surf you will have minimal clothing and the road will be like very coarse sandpaper. Most motorcyclists die from loss of blood and this happens very quickly if you have a severed artery. I always carry a tournique that I can self administer or help someone else.

Look up Allan Byrne, a surfboard shaper of some note, who died in Bali in 2013.

I ride motorcycles and always wear full protection even when going down to the shops. Over the years I have known too many people injured or killed. Lack of skills - you will not be in control with a sup or surfboard, vehicles not seeing you, unexpected events, drivers not understanding your situation etc... create too many risks.

How much do you value your life? Are you also prepared to be a hazard to others? I would check on the legality too.

Good luck.

WA, 127 posts
5 Nov 2020 2:06PM
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there are scooters in bali that have racks for sups on top ie like a modified roof rack for bike only in bali who new

QLD, 21135 posts
5 Nov 2020 5:58PM
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My hired bike and 10 foot mal in Bali, if your not riding on any main roads it's easy as.

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6 Nov 2020 9:54AM
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When I was a kid, and still rode shortboards I would set the board flat on the seat, with the fins "boxing" the front of the seat. So you're sitting on the tail. Not sure how that'll play out with an 8'+ board. Putting the board on the side of the bike seems to be the thing in places like Bali, but any place you have to travel on main roads and at speed with other traffic, I think it's asking for a lot of trouble. A gust of wind could spell the end of you

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6 Nov 2020 5:15PM
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I chucked a rented 8'0 on my scooter in bali and rode it from jimbaran bay to dreamlands (30mins of weaving between cars and up to 70kmph). Was all good!

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7 Nov 2020 6:25AM
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This is my set up, haven't put a SUP on though, my logic was since I'll be taking a long board I wanted it to be more stable than the split rear type racks
Move by Bikes do the front and rear brackets you just need to get a bike which has a front luggage rack

WA, 326 posts
7 Nov 2020 11:48AM
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Another option

WA, 326 posts
7 Nov 2020 12:06PM
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7 Nov 2020 3:37PM
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Here more and more people have electric fat bikes, since you can also ride them on the sand to get away to spots with no easy road access.

An example at the start of:

I will surely buy one if the crowds become unbearable in summer. Some folding models may even fit in the van.

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9 Nov 2020 4:33PM
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My setup, rack is the MBB LB rack. Works great.

NSW, 67 posts
10 Nov 2020 8:40AM
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Yep done it,but don't recommend it.
Last time I did it wind picked up on way home, very dangerous never done it again.

QLD, 11 posts
14 Nov 2020 1:51PM
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Sups on scooters in Bali off the main road is just about ok. Trucks and buses passing at speed cause wind waves which is scary ****. If you don't have far to go an electric bike might be safer and cause less police attention. Fat wheels for the beach sounds like the way to go.

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14 Nov 2020 6:16PM
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Been riding bikes with SUP boards up to 9'6" for around 5years, travel around 20mile each way with no issues at legal uk road speeds. My set up is now a Yamaha xmax 300 (can't post an image as newly registered).
As long as the weight is balanced evenly between the front rack (attached to the footplate &frame) & rear rack it's barely noticeable.
side winds don't affect it any more than without the board on the side, head winds or following a large vehicle too close can make the board wobble slightly due to the vortex effect between the bike & board. All valuables get locked away safe under the seat.


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