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The Dawny's are coming!!

Created by Souwester 3 months ago, 30 Jul 2018
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30 Jul 2018 9:26PM
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Its getting lighter in the mornings....there is swell, winds are good...oooohhh can't wait!

Im so keen I have been going for 30 min paddles before work - rushed as hell but what a buzz and such a better option than the Gym.

Going to buy an SD card for the Go -Pro session I bought off Gumtree tomorrow and will follow STC's step by step guide to create a surf hat camera - get some Dawny footage.


Anyone else over here getting a taste of Dawny action recently ?

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31 Jul 2018 5:47PM
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Always up for a dawny session
Had a great session this morning before the northerly got up with just 1 mate on a longboard
Swell still solid


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"The Dawny's are coming!!" started by Souwester