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The best thing about surfing in Perth

Created by Youngbreezy 27 days ago, 18 Jun 2019
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18 Jun 2019 4:07PM
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The best thing about surfing in Perth is that if you have surfed Perth conditions for a decent amount of time your standards are so damn low that just about any half baked ripple looks uncrowded and fun.

Another great thing about surfing in WA is that just about anywhere else you go is a lot less Sharky ( 3 fatal attacks within 5km in my home town of gracetown )

So the other day I was out at North wall Ballina and it was about knee to chest high and I could happily tell myself " yeah but if this was in Perth there would be 50 people on it' I could also tell myself " I know there has been a fatal attack at this exact location but NSW still has less than half the fatal attacks than WA"

Somehow these weird morbid thoughts made me feel better and I actually had a really fun surf

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18 Jun 2019 9:26PM
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Good to hear there are more frothers out there mate, always look on the bright side I say.

The other thing about surfing in Perth is that people tend to hug close to each other at the first bank in front of the carpark entrance.

A quick paddle up or down will see you score a bank with your very own 2 foot, 15m long wave all to yourself


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"The best thing about surfing in Perth" started by Youngbreezy