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These SUPS actually surf well

Created by Ioz > 9 months ago, 1 Oct 2014
WA, 462 posts
1 Oct 2014 4:36PM
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I have just come back from Indo where one particular spot I wanted to surf it so bad but the scene was not quite conducive to

standing up out in the crowded line up with a paddle,

So I thought, “what the hell I will surf it prone style on my SUP!”

And I was really quite impressed how well the Pro comes of the bottom and turned off the top,

no wonder they feel so good once you have the pivot of a paddle as well!

laceys lane
QLD, 18379 posts
1 Oct 2014 7:08PM
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pretty cool

NSW, 397 posts
1 Oct 2014 9:56PM
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That's how I got back to my feet following several knee surgeries. It's just a big surfboard, after all.

WA, 14 posts
1 Oct 2014 9:34PM
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What size board and rider?

1688 posts
1 Oct 2014 10:01PM
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Great are ripping.... I bet it was a blast. Any notice from the other surfers in the line-up?

WA, 462 posts
2 Oct 2014 8:25AM
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The board is a 8ft x 28" x 96ltr - and i really enjoy riding it with and without a paddle,

I am 83kg on a good day, and cannot and will not put any more weight on for obvious reasons.

All the crew in the line up where pretty cool, they hardly know it was a stand up, it just looks more like maybe a long board to the uninitiated,

There was quite a strong sweep running from the inside reef and i had the advantage of being able to paddle into it a lot easier than the short boarders,

those boards do paddle prone really well with or without the paddle tucked under your chest.

NSW, 663 posts
3 Oct 2014 12:00PM
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Coming home from a road trip I stopped in at Cresent heads for a surf to find great waves but a crowded line up. I thought if I go out there in a SUP I am only going to cause tension. So I took the 7"4 x28 85ltr Airborn and surfed it. It surfed great and the extra paddle power allowed me to sit further out the back and pick off the set waves!!!! So I was still hated anyway but had a blast

NSW, 10 posts
3 Oct 2014 3:50PM
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Ha Oz you rip on that board in anything!

NSW, 260 posts
3 Oct 2014 7:12PM
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I thought you were "supposed to" throw your paddle away once you got on a wave? You mean you normally hang on to them? Damn!

WA, 462 posts
4 Oct 2014 9:36AM
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Lordy, you will get the hang of it, a foreign a concept as it is to have a paddle in your hands when first starting to sup,

yes, it is definately a good option to have surfrod to get out there and go it prone if there is a tight pack but it's pumping

I am also going for a 7 7" with one of my 2015's, so i can imagine that is going to be better again to prone paddle,

still i won't be prone paddling unless i have to, as I would much rather glide in standing up !

VIC, 1291 posts
4 Oct 2014 3:32PM
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looking at your great surfing shots it just looks like you have just photoshopped the paddle out as I could imagine the exact same hand and arm placement with the paddle...does that make sense?

WA, 462 posts
4 Oct 2014 7:15PM
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Not quite, but i can see how you could imagine that.

QLD, 224 posts
4 Oct 2014 9:42PM
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Excellent form there Aussie, have to try that myself, haven't proned in years.
Cheers, Deano


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