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Time Trial in Cape Town video

Created by PeterP > 9 months ago, 1 Mar 2012
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1 Mar 2012 4:00AM
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Short vid showing our canals which we frequent once a week for a short sprint Time Trial of 1.9km...


NSW, 698 posts
1 Mar 2012 8:44AM
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PB great.
I think that this is where a lot of SUP contests will head. Short course SPRINTER 38 racing.
I have been trying to get some interest in this type of course for a little while now in my town. I have just had to wait for the SUP numbers to grow to a size of greater that 3.

I reckon it would be a great spectator and participant sport. Heats of 6, over a 500mtr course, round robin so everyone gets a couple of goes, short heat times.

Best of all every SUP rider can look over the course and think I can do that.

Weight for age handicaps, board size limited heats, 12'6, 14', 16'.

Two heats in the water at the same time, when the preceding heat is halfway down the course, start the next heat.

NSW, 533 posts
1 Mar 2012 2:58PM
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I totally agree....Sprint racing like that would be great for the sport.
Most heavily populated areas have a stretch of flat water that would suit.
That's they way they do it with rowing skulls and kayaks.
Could become an olympic sport using the same stretch of water the other craft do.
Bring on the national event in each capital city.
Might pull crowds like the Red Bull air day.

WA, 83 posts
1 Mar 2012 2:56PM
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Nice video. I miss the old mother city! Love Perth though.


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