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Travel paddle

Created by pete53 7 months ago, 1 Feb 2019
NSW, 160 posts
1 Feb 2019 6:43AM
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Any recommendation for a plane travel paddle. (And packing tips) Obviously looking a a 2-3piece. Travelling with an 8' 4" board. Cheers.

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1 Feb 2019 7:59AM
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Just a thought::
There is another way, if you prefer a fixed paddle, as I do.

I have flown long distances with one piece paddles in the board bag without issue.
I use a bag slightly bigger than my board so the paddles fit easily.
Wrap them or put them in paddle bags to protect the board.
Tape them along the rail, with the handle far enough forward to be away from the rail.

This trip to Portugal, I brought two shafts with handles attached, in one of my board bags.
Since my paddles are assembled with hot glue, I had removed the blades and put them in Blade covers.
I taped one blade to the bottom of each board so that the hosel followed the nose curve.
I reassembled them with hot glue and a blow dryer once in Portugal.

VIC, 1248 posts
1 Feb 2019 11:41AM
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3 piece for sure and some manufactures do come with a bag too.

NSW, 131 posts
1 Feb 2019 1:31PM
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Check out the Black Project 3 piece travel paddle.

I demoed one when in Maui and was very impressed.
Hardly any difference between a normal fixed paddle and the travel version when paddling.

They also have $USD 50 off at the moment & ship worldwide for $USD 30.
use code MO50 at checkout.
I have the Lava fixed version & love it.

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1 Feb 2019 7:14PM
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Black Project 3 piece travel paddles are great. Their paddles are light, with great construction and performance.
And you have a very wide range of travel paddles to choose depending on your budget or if you are a dedicated racer of SUP surfer: Hydro, Surge, Lava and Ohana.
I have the 1 piece Surge (for surfing) and Hydro (for racing) and a Ohana 3 piece for travelling, and I had the Lava 3 piece before but sold it to a costumer. All of them are great!

VIC, 1810 posts
2 Feb 2019 6:59AM
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I have a three-piece QuickBlade that has worked well. I have done the same as STC - you just have to ensure you have a hairdryer or hot-glue gun at the other end. I have also successfully traveled without removing the blade (but heavily padding it) but might have been lucky not to break it or damage the board.

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3 Feb 2019 12:47PM
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i just ordered a black project surge. not much written about them.

if i bring a stick of hot glue and a hair dryer i can disassemble and reassemble on the road?

hey creek, did you enjoy protugal? what time of year did you go?


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