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Travelling with paddles

Created by Bluehawk Two weeks ago, 26 Sep 2019
NSW, 9 posts
26 Sep 2019 8:47PM
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Gurus - travelling with three paddles, one fixed. No room in vehicle. Concerned about strapping paddles to the board on the roof rack and breaking them. What does everyone else do?

Scotty Mac
SA, 1904 posts
26 Sep 2019 8:23PM
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I have flown a fair few times with my paddle strapped onto the deck of my board inside a board bag no problems

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27 Sep 2019 8:49AM
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Get one of these...:

VIC, 136 posts
28 Sep 2019 9:30PM
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Had lots of international flights and vehicle transport rides with the family and usually two SUP's in the one board bag plus two paddles in another separate paddle bag.
Upon check in I will strap the paddle bag onto the board bag carry straps yet check them in as separate luggage in case they get separated.
I have never had a problem with travel damaged SUP's or paddles.
Love a split pool noodle on my board's tails and nose, sometimes on the wide point of the rails if I'm organised enough.
Happy travels.
Regards Jack

NSW, 260 posts
30 Sep 2019 4:53PM
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You are talking about travelling with boards on the roof of a car right??

When I only had a sedan I always had the paddle on the roof but rather than tying it down on top of the board, I would run the paddle alongside the board and then loop the tiedown around the shaft before threading through the buckle. That way there is no way the paddle can come loose, it is close to the board so doesn't flutter and there is no (bending) force on the shaft that might lead to damage. I would sometimes have 2 paddles together (no problems) and if you have 3 paddles, go 2 one side and one on the other.....

Hope that makes sense....


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