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Vico Bay rescue via SUP...

Created by Spotty 3 months ago, 9 Aug 2018
VIC, 1211 posts
9 Aug 2018 7:47AM
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Fellow windsurfing mate used the family paddle beater to get out in last Sundays heavy northerly to assist another windsurfer who was in a bit more strife than he was aware of.

Bean'o was able to re rig his kit and sail him back to shore with the exhausted and very cold sailor in tow on the sup.

SUP's is there anything they cant do

On last nights 7news...

NT, 130 posts
9 Aug 2018 8:31AM
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Wicked yarn Spotty! Cheers for sharing man.
Im up in Darwin now but grew up in Mornington.
Was a clubbie at Mornington for years and saw plenty of gnarly northerlies eh - and heaps of crew gettin into trouble real quick around the Mills Beach area.
Mind you we used to love it when the northerlies pushed swell in for a surf !!! Dodging yachts that'd come loose!!!
People sometimes tend to get complacent with the Bay eh.
Anyway - yr mate's done a cracking job with this old bloke - terrific stuff.

VIC, 16027 posts
9 Aug 2018 1:08PM
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Thanks Spotty and well done Scott..

QLD, 5260 posts
9 Aug 2018 1:23PM
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Excellent well done


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"Vico Bay rescue via SUP..." started by Spotty