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WPA race rules...

Created by HumanCartoon > 9 months ago, 18 Feb 2012
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18 Feb 2012 3:27PM
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This popped up on the 'zone this morning:

draft-legal rules, draft-not-allowed rules, board classes & age classes defined, misconduct, penalties etc etc etc

It's all a bit "ruley" but I suppose it's inevitable as numbers, profile and stakes approach critical mass...

...IMO we're all too polite to need a rule book here

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18 Feb 2012 6:20PM
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Never been one for rules but I was interested to read that there is a category [ or consolation prize] for the older folk that are on the dark side of 50 years old, is this common in competitions in other States? I notice in the Vic State titles its an over 40's Masters? category for all the comps, I think that there should be a place and categories for all ages, but I guess as with society its all programmed towards youth?

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18 Feb 2012 8:46PM
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Those WPA rules are a guideline for affiliated events to choose which categories suit the local event organisers and participants. You won't necessarily see Over 50s at all events in the US.

The Victorian State Titles does not include an Over 50s division because the event is uniform with the Surfing Australia National Titles and the ISA World Titles. I agree there is a place for Veterans divisions in SUP events, both racing and surfing, but it's debatable whether this should be a division for local club events rather than world, national and state titles. Nevertheless, I think we will include an Over 50s category for men in next summer's Victorian Flat Water Championship Series.


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