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Windsup recommendations?

Created by finsup 1 month ago, 9 Aug 2021
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9 Aug 2021 6:12AM
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Gday all
Windsup is an interesting option where if not wavy usually windy instead.
Any ideas for a board that would be both a good windsup option, and knee high ankleslapper surfer?

There is a thread about nalu 11'4 vs 10'10, with a great DJ vid of the 10'10 absolutely flying under sail.

Any others worth considering?

Cheers and regards

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9 Aug 2021 10:17AM
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The Naish 10'10" is still available from Naish and what makes that SUP board a great windsurf board is the fairly flat rocker (and channels also help) but if your aim is to get plaining the fin makes the biggest difference.

I'm sure most SUP boards that have a windsurf option (M8 inset.. mast base screw hole) will work fine but you may need a bigger or more upright fin.. Like a slalom pointer fin if you want to be able to go upwind well.

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9 Aug 2021 1:59PM
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How windy? What level do you SUP and windsurf?

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9 Aug 2021 3:03PM
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You will want a full PVC sandwich board, at least on deck and rails, to avoid compression dings when the mast fall on the board. And use a good padding sleeve around the mast base.

Try to stay away from "retro" noserider shapes: their round rails and rear rocker are designed to lock you in the curl, but with a sail it will feel like you are dragging a boat anchor. For windsupping, the less tail rocker and the harder the rear rail edge the better.

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9 Aug 2021 4:21PM
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For me I have an Exocet Windsup 11'8" which I've had for 6 years. It's designed by former PWA rider Patrice B (just Google) who designed the Kona One but wider and softer rails so early to plane, as fast( maybe lose a little upwind) and easy gybe as Kona.
With a 5 batton 7.5m EOL Freeride sail I've done 27 knots, picks up windswell.

As a SUP it has length to get reasonable flat water speed and in small waves picked up a bump. I've now got a smaller 10 foot lower volume, more rocker and softer rails for better waves

You will see a step tail which for windsurfing on reach in planning conditions just kick up center board and mast close to back of track it will go fast. Unlike old race board where you had to kick up board and move mast back you immediately accelerate into foot straps.

Where I live the predominant wind is offshore and I can launch 500m from home and slog out 300m to wind line or drive 45 minutes each way to sail short board ( which I do when its windy!)

Check it out

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9 Aug 2021 8:54PM
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Cripes the jargon. think I better get some lessons figure out what I think I want to do!

Cheers will get back to you.


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