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Your best holiday with isup

Created by Reddo 1 month ago, 21 Mar 2019
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21 Mar 2019 12:40PM
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It'd be great to hear some of your best holiday destinations with an isup.

I'm new to all this but I'd love to get to Koh Phangdang in Thailand, pack a few clothes in a dry sack together with a passport and travel beach to beach. Maybe circumnavigate the island.

There has had to be some amazing rivers to explore. Maybe the States?

In Australia I imagine Noosa and the Sunshine Coast would be great with it's various waterways.

The way these boards can fold up and be put in a backpack has to open up great options. What's been your best?

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22 Mar 2019 7:24PM
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I have taken an iSUP to Fiji twice it was great and I know of a few people that have taken them to Krabi in Thailand.

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2 Apr 2019 9:38AM
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My wife and I have inflatable and hard boards, we have taken the inflatables to Maroochydore and paddled the rivers and canals.
We are off to Fiji next week with them, and then off to Noosa later this year.
So easy to travel with, also good at home with dogs on board, the flat surface of the inflatables is easier for the dogs to sit on than the curved shape of the hard boards.

Maroochydore Australia

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Rakino Island, New Zealand

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2 Apr 2019 11:55AM
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Baja, Mexico.
2 months up and down the peninsula. Surfed with no more than 3 other people in the water ever. Amazing point breaks.

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6 Apr 2019 9:38AM
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Must be an attractive travel option

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7 Apr 2019 1:07AM
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Went to Thailand (twice), Cape Verde, Morocco and every year to the the Algarve always with an isup .

When I was only a prone surfer I would just go to surf destinations (and my wife always complained). Now, I always have an isup and a 3 piece paddle in my quiver (at the moment I have the SIC RS Air-Glide 14'0 x 26" and the Black Project Ohana ) and my wife is happy because we can go to that sort of destinations.


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