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greenie beginner

Created by Tonz 5 months ago, 26 Sep 2018
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26 Sep 2018 10:50AM
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at the age of 60+ Ive decided sitting on my proverbial is not helping with fitness, so Iam thinking of paddle boarding...why? well we have a bloody big semi safe harbour/bay here, there is a business that does hiring of boards and training. seems pretty cool thing to do..if you can keep from falling off.

Am I stupid? crazy? need of a physiatrist ? your thoughts please.

NSW, 83 posts
26 Sep 2018 12:58PM
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go for it

NSW, 230 posts
26 Sep 2018 1:06PM
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Nah, not crazy.... although there is no guarantee you wont go crazy once you get into it!!

60+ is still a spring chicken... and you will be feeling 50+ in no time!! Yeeew!!

NT, 219 posts
26 Sep 2018 12:53PM
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Best decision you'll ever make mate.
Tonz would go!!!

VIC, 762 posts
26 Sep 2018 1:40PM
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You will love it so go for it, age is no barrier and a lot of us here are no spring chickens.

VIC, 1738 posts
26 Sep 2018 1:49PM
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Go for it - but find a nice stable board to start off on: 10' and 34" wide and get into it!


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"greenie beginner" started by Tonz