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lost gopro at Big Left (Flinders) last weekend

Created by windjunky 1 month ago, 1 Mar 2020
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1 Mar 2020 2:14PM
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On the off chance someone picked it up...
Paddle snapped in two just below my bottom hand while strokin for a wave at Big Left last weekend, and the bottom half took my gopro with it to Davey Jones locker. So if anyone finds a gopro attached to a half-paddle at Flinders please lemme know!!!
[And while we are at it, pretty sure the paddle snapped after it was run over - not by me! Please, if you are on a wave and someone is in the water, look away from them, spot an exit, and just steer around them. Don't jump off shooting your board straight into them - and their paddle! Dude...!!]

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4 Mar 2020 3:46PM
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Hi Windjunky

sorry to hear that have been watching your vids
surf that place a lot and sometimes its absolute mayhem.
people should stay around the corner until they have the skills


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"lost gopro at Big Left (Flinders) last weekend" started by windjunky