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rail tape glue

Created by nico83 > 9 months ago, 18 Mar 2015
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18 Mar 2015 10:00PM
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Hello everyone

I would like to know what product to use to remove the glue of a rail tape without removing the paint of the board?


SA, 43 posts
19 Mar 2015 6:47AM
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i struggled a lot with this a few months back. Best was eucalyptus oil which I purchased from supermarket after googling the topic . But also stand the board in the sun on its side so the glue gets warm, just about 10 minutes in sun will be enough.Then get a slightly rough cloth like a piece of toweling. But some eucalyptus oil on it and rub like crazy. Board smells good after treatment. Let me know how it goes ???? Also heat up the rails a bit in the sun when removing the old tape.

QLD, 2788 posts
19 Mar 2015 8:44AM
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Wax and grease remover and the job is done in 2 seconds


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"rail tape glue" started by nico83