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Created by bomberdave > 9 months ago, 17 Dec 2017
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17 Dec 2017 8:38AM
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Looking to go to Samoa for the first two weeks of July with family in tow... any advice as to accessible waves/locations and/or board hire remembering that its not all about me!!!

Thanks in advance.

scott mckerc
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17 Dec 2017 5:10PM
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Samoa are an amazing couple of islands upolu and savaii but it's all pretty heavy in the surf department.
Stayed at Salani resort pre tsunami. Left and right out front pretty heavy and reefy with a lot of current
Not really a couples/family affair. more dedicated surf. Good fun but:)
sick left down the coast on a little outer island but also out to see and lots of current
beautiful lagoon close by for family hanging out

More family friendly resort is samoana. Games and nice resort.
But lots of travellling from the resort to go looking for waves. Reef right out front of resort
they were super cool to us though who were doing it on a budget sleeping in beach fale's and letting us hang out

Most family friendly of the lot is savaii I reckon. multiple cheaper accom situations on the beach. But takes a bit of swell for it to light up
smaller days requires a bit of a drive

Hope you don't like surfing on a sunday :)

no idea about board rentals. Not thinking there's a lot out there

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18 Dec 2017 12:59PM
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Gday bomberdave,
Stayed in Savaii about 18 months ago and wasn't a Sup rental on the whole island back then. There's a dive shop opposite Le Lagato Resort where we stayed (no surf there unfortunately) and the owner said he was looking at the idea to start up a SUP hire so maybe he's got some now?? Mind you, the surf at other parts of the island looked pretty heavy and wild from what I saw . Good luck, it's a pretty nice part of the world !!

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18 Dec 2017 6:32PM
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Samoa is an awesome place to go for the family. The flat water paddling is great and the surf is a bit wind swell dependent from memory, the islands have amazing inland water holes and the locals are very friendly. I suggest tacking a versatile board and look at spending time with the family, fun etc. American Somoa is where the book Treasure Island was written well worth it to take a copy as the author lived out his fantasy by being robinson cruso on the island. It is still a place where you can feel like the only person on the planet.
Oh one last thing medical assistance is not fantastic here so be mindful and the people can be quite poor in the outside villages, could have changed since I was there though on the medical front.
The fishing is spectacular. You could introduce the locals to sup fishing.

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18 Dec 2017 9:20PM
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Malo bomber dave. we stayed at salani resort pre tsunami too - great left and right reef breaks out front, but as scott mentioned, pretty heavy. The south coast of Upolo (main island) has quite a few breaks to explore that can get really good. Boulders is a wave i would like to revisit on my sup..nice paddle across the bay out to a good left. Recommend booties, extra paddle and repair kit - not too many surf shops around. Great people and friendly vibe all round.

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18 Dec 2017 10:49PM
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bomberdave said..
Looking to go to Samoa for the first two weeks of July with family in tow... any advice as to accessible waves/locations and/or board hire remembering that its not all about me!!!

Thanks in advance.

not taking your new board???

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20 Dec 2017 4:02AM
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Scott just got your post about Sunday.
When I first went years ago, we got off our plane at the airport and were told to head off to the hotel. The resort was called Aggie graves hotel or something like that had a pool bar with palm tree in the middle. Our bags were still in the hold fast. We got to the resort and were left to our own devices. Where were our bags. The hotel staff just smiled and said they would be delivered to the room. Chill out, Soak up the island life.
We hit the pool and sure enough the bags arrived and were sitting in out rooms. Now thats what you call service modern airlines.
How amazing is the place, crystal waters, friendly people and just a cool island vibe. I love the daily rain shower, traveling around the islands, the locals, the seafood, the sea life, the red bananas (watch out youve been warned).
Edit, Oh and the sarongs, how good are sarongs, theyre like boardies but better.


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