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Created by stehar 1 month ago, 19 Oct 2023
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19 Oct 2023 10:15PM
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Hi Breezers - haven't been here for a while - travelling round Aust in van. Here is a few waves from different places on the way. currently at Dongara, " turquoise coast " north of Perth. heading there and the south west corner,( hoping for a few waves) - across the Nullabor Broken Hill and home - ps cracked twenty thousand klm last week at Denham!

Cactus in Sth Aust - 23 May - first paddle since paddling ten kilometres down the Murray River in April.

Facing the ocean this wave was to the left of " castles "

Got to Darwin in July, pretty close, so flew to Lombok - really looked after by Deano - this is "Ekas inside" , fairly crowded, but a really good setup, I didn't go real well on a borrowed board - but really at moment not very fit due to lack surf.

The Bluff at Quobba Stn - nice waves, but very dear to stay here! Did day trip from Carnarvon.

Another good one - got a few and then -

leggie broke - fair swim in with paddle - smelling very fishy - put the wind up me as baitfish went past!

Jakes at Kalbarri - had to wait 2 days for the swell to drop enough to have a surf. At 73 I do pick and choose these days!

got some nice waves here at this break. lined up a takeoff point from carpark ( corner shelter shed and blue council bin - put me abt 6 to 8 metres outside the board riders, four of us out altogether and we shared waves - good blokes

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20 Oct 2023 12:15AM
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Nice kalbari is a heavy spot it was too big and crowded (had to take off very deep) for me to attempt it when I was there and that was back when I was surfing. great place to visit. Your living the dream on this trip.


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