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My own Hamboard build

Created by Nozza > 9 months ago, 17 Apr 2016
VIC, 1518 posts
17 Apr 2016 9:49PM
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Would have posted this in Joffadand's thread, but would have been a bit of a hijack.
I have a VW Caravelle.
I call it a Kombi to gain credibility from my daughters.
I have a table that fits between the front seats and the remaining back row I have left in.
To use this, I need to swivel the front seats around.
This is a bit of an exercise, so I had the thought I might get a smaller table I could use without swivelling the seats, just sliding them forward.
When I got the Hamboards, the size of the Hop suggested something.
Maybe I could get a smaller table to fit behind the seats, be more usable.
Initially thought to buy some real decks, got inspired by Joffa to try something myself.
Amazed myself with a do it myself build.
Photos have come in out of order as usual.

Almost finished behind the seats.

Finished "Tribute" board
The yellow is too orange

Spray paint the bottom yellow

Just a bit of chipboard cut in the shape of a Hop.

Prototype test with the real Hop

Dull origlnal table

Finished product very satisfying.
I would post a photo here, but it would go in at the start of the thread, so I will start another

VIC, 1518 posts
17 Apr 2016 10:01PM
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My yellow was too orange.
But I'm learning to spray paint.

VIC, 236 posts
18 Apr 2016 9:05AM
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That's a top idea! Turned out well too!!!

VIC, 1518 posts
6 May 2016 9:06PM
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Have moved on to version 2.
Actually cut out a 40mm smaller all round version, thought what I had was too big.
Sanded and started painting, but it had lost the classic shape in the size reduction.
Nose / tail shape very important, and I got radius (plural that) wrong.
Also decided current one was right size.
But added a second leg socket to move it forward in the car, make back seat usable with table in place.

And added a height adjustable front leg to stabalise the now off centre leg.
Retained the original centre mount so it's still usable out of the car.

End result better positioned and more usable.

Eldest daughter requested a deck as an art project base.
I was not that happy with the finish I got from the chipboard, or the colour of the yellow which is more orange than it looks.
First I had the idea of adding authenticity by adding either texta dots, or screws where the trucks would have bolted on.
Decided on real screws, but to avoid going through the board, got some really short ones.
These failed to grip and countersink themselves, so I countersunk very carefully using ever larger drill bits.
Chipped the paint, but I'm happy with the result.

Bought some 18mm marine ply, cut out two new decks.
My jigsawing isn't very good, very wavey on the edges.
Smoothed with power plane, but I think I made it worse digging in at end of strokes.
Went to sander, a few hours on the sides flat to smooth, then went to rounding off.
Went to the hardware shop and bought a countersinking bit.
Drilled the fake truck mounts prior to sanding the deck.
Did dry sanding in grades from 80, 120, 340, 400.
Result very pleasing.
Sanded and unsanded decks.

Countersunk fake truck mounts

Family resemblance there.
I'm thinking I could put trucks and wheels on these.
This one handed over to daughter for design.
She is very pleased with what I have produced.
Haven't progressed much on mine, but rainy Sunday coming offers scope.

VIC, 236 posts
12 May 2016 9:09AM
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Very cool Nozza, but I'd be skating the hell out of that thing and then using it as a table!
Looks like you've been bitten by the board building bug, keep up the good work!

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20 May 2016 3:38PM
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hi nozza
interested in your table manufacture the cone like fittings that fits the tube what are they?

VIC, 1518 posts
20 May 2016 9:56PM
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briansup19 said..
hi nozza
interested in your table manufacture the cone like fittings that fits the tube what are they?

Google Justkampers - VW parts on line shop.
They will sell you the table end cone thing, the leg, and the floor socket or the external base.

VIC, 1518 posts
19 Mar 2017 3:00PM
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Just stumbled on this again.
I covered painting the deck in the other thread.
Last October, I finally got brave enough to wet sand it.
Went through the grades down to 1200 grit, taking care not to overdo the edges and go through.
Finished off with cutting compound, then polish.
Really pleased with the result.

The surface is totally smooth and free of orange peel.
Paint is hard, and heat resistant.
The line is sharp, and the colours much truer than the spray cans.

I should have countersunk bigger holes - got filled with a lot of paint.

Swapped the table hardware from the original.

Stickered up with a larger version than the first go.

Fitted to the Kombi - finish so far very durable.
The original is doing duty as a wall decoration in my office.

VIC, 15845 posts
4 Aug 2017 11:32AM
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Great job and thanks for the pictures..

VIC, 1518 posts
16 Aug 2017 8:20PM
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Off topic a bit, and in advance, no affiliation to Hamboards apart from as a paying customer.
I was looking at stuff on the internet Saturday night, probably slightly drunk, browsed the Hamboards site as I do, and decided I needed a Biscuit - small board, highly portable, less publically daunting than the Classic.
Aware of the cost, decided why not?
Came to shipping, and only United States was available.
Not good, fired off an email to Pete Hamborg, whose email I still have from the protracted purchase and shipping dramas of the Classics last year.
Probably had another beer, got thinking they wouldn't have stopped shipping overseas, searched Hamboards International or Australia, or something, and found they have an Australian on line shop.
Prices not ridiculous, and got 25% discount for no reason.
Colours on the boards seem more limited than before, most just in natural bamboo, a rather clever looking paddle that was on the US site not listed.
As they were much cheaper than I expected, ordered two Biscuits, as I said 25% off and free shipping.
Sent off another email to Pete, have not had a reply yet whereas in the past he would get back to me.
Unsure as to what would happen next, got a confirmation of the order Monday, then notice that they had shipped. Not sure from where, or how long it would take.
They arrived today, 4 days from order with one of those days Sunday.

They are better focussed than that.
Previous boards were individually signed and numbered by Pete, with your name on them if you wanted.

These are still signed, but it's printed on, and the logos that were previously stickers are part of the paint too.

Quality seems good, but the country of manufacture, previously "up the road" in California is now not shown, with "Designed in Huntington Beach by the Hamborg Family" prominent.
Wheels are Hamboard branded, trucks seem non committal but I'm far from an expert in these things.

Finish is excellent, quality seems good, initial ride on the floorboards seemed dangerous.
Will have a ride in the morning and report.
Is this a good thing I ask?
Certainly the price and shipping time, ease of purchase etc. is way improved from before.
But I liked the idea of Pete receiving the order, going in to work, selecting a deck, signing it, putting the trucks on and packaging it up, each one individual.
Is it now better?
I don't know. It's more efficient, and less risky, and should sell more boards, if they don't keep it secret as it currently seems to be.
But I'm glad I have the old maximum hassle / ridiculously expensive / email from Pete / ordered off the record / delayed in transit / held up in customs / lost in shipping / held to ransom by UPS / finally arrived with my name on it Classic.

Oh, forgot to say, this ones in your honour Geronimo1111

VIC, 1518 posts
17 Aug 2017 8:54PM
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Crap weather meant the morning, or really any ride didn't happen.
Quick try in the car park at work showed I need to be careful about tail standing the thing, but seems to carve and maybe pump (I can't) pretty easily.


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