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Boogie Nights

Created by Simondo 6 months ago, 12 Oct 2018
VIC, 7990 posts
12 Oct 2018 6:29PM
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Well boys, I was the only person you could see, all along the beach at Maroochydore. Crappy SE Wind, and drizzle, but a surprisingly punchy 2 foot swell... Rights running up the beach...

First time on The Boogie for 8-9 years! ... I put the old Redley Swim Fins on, it was like an old boxer putting the gloves back on... I had so much fun... Perfect surf craft for crappy conditions... Fitted into the pocket nicely... Body boards are so responsive, and reactive, for onshore "crap surf"...

Yes, I'm closer to 46 rather 16... But hey, easy to throw on the plane, and son Teo enjoys a short rid "on-the-lid" too...

Cheap and cheerful ! ...

NSW, 1404 posts
12 Oct 2018 7:01PM
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The smile on the dial is all that counts Simo..

TAS, 1665 posts
12 Oct 2018 8:48PM
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I have a Morey Mike Stewart Mach 7-7 that I brought in Hawaii 24yrs ago and I still drag it out for the odd ride, goes unreal!!!... I tend to use it when its fast and hollow and I know i'm too **** to make it on my fish or my mids. You can get soooooo shacked on a boog, soooo fuuuurn...

p.s. where dafaque is the shaka emoji

WA, 164 posts
13 Oct 2018 9:11PM
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I'm now 63 and sometimes quick punchy waves get the better of me. About 6 months ago , against my previous better judgement, I decided to get a body board. This lives in the boot of my car and comes out on my way home from work.

Well, I have had some of the best waves in a long time, late take offs, quick fun rides. Even a cover up or two.

This won't completely replace my boards but what a hoot. Whoo hoo.

TAS, 1972 posts
14 Oct 2018 11:29AM
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Lucky enough to have judged a few boogie board comps . These blokes are hardcore - the comps were run on waist deep reef breaks and the surfing was unreal - tubes , 360s airs . Pretty cool to watch .
Bloke that won fractured his back few years back on a reef out the front of penguin .

VIC, 7990 posts
14 Oct 2018 2:29PM
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Solid swell today... The swell has been building every day. Forecast for 5-8 feet tomorrow.
3-5 feet today, but most of the rogue waves are close outs / clean ups... Fun, ok-ish today... But the previous 2 days have been better...

QLD, 18630 posts
15 Oct 2018 9:16AM
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Poor old Simondo couldn't have picked a worse week to visit the sun shine and Gold Coast it's been hammering down for days with a lot more to come, swell is way up but it's like a washing machine, cold and wet out.


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