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Drugs that keep you surfing

Created by kevinwd1 1 month ago, 20 Apr 2019
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20 Apr 2019 3:59PM
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Had a CT scan on my back which showed I had a prolapsed disc (L2 L3)
Stretching and exercise means I don't need pain killers except when going for a surf
Before going out I usually take a couple of Voltaren and Panadol which helps but it's still painful when getting up onto the board. Once I'm up I have no issues
I have some Panadol that has 30mg of codeine in them but not sure it a good idea to have codeine before going for a surf ?
Just wondering what other surfers use to keep them going
Maybe I just need to toughen up

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20 Apr 2019 2:57PM
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Voltaren are amazing it's just possible to do more damage when you have them so be cautious.
As I have gotten older healthy eating has helped way more than I thought possible , eat foods that are good for anti inflammatory, eat less bread , eat more coloured berries and fish

When my back is real bad I do some yoga and Pilates a lot of which you can watch on you tube and just copy.

stop drinking so much alcohol and apparently giving up smoking helps your back, I still smoke so can't vouch for that one.

A lot of the older surfers round here reckon a bit of weed does wonders for there bones and joints.

There is is also an old fella who I used to surf with that ate fish 5-7 times a week and he was like a walking 80 year old surfing Greco Roman wrestler

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21 Apr 2019 5:50AM
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Back injuries are becoming more common among my mates.
I put my back out wakeboarding and worked to strengthen my core, although I'm not in fighting shape at the moment. Some activities I used a brace but then surfing it may not feel right lying on it.
I used voltaran and the slow release are great and if it keeps you surfing.
You could try sup surfing there are some great boards that work well in the surf. I sup more than I surf as my local beach doesn't get great waves.
Good luck

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21 Apr 2019 8:03AM
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Just another little tip for all suffering back pain or injuries. Work on core strength BUT just as important glutes. Start with the good ol' Jane Fonda glute bridges. Concentrate on switching off quads and making glutes (there's some hamstring activation too) do the work. Really squeeze/contract at the top, hold for a second, lower slowly and repeat. Don't go too high so you hyperextend low back.

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21 Apr 2019 10:45AM
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Foam roller is the best thing I ever did for my dodgy back. Good for flexibility in the Lower back and rolling out those quads, glutes and hips. I sit at a desk all day so keeps everything moving. Only takes 10 minutes too.

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21 Apr 2019 8:08PM
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Voltaren is a brand of the generic drug Ibuprofen but in WA usually pricier than the same drug under a different brand offering the same effects. Its an anti inflamatory drug with pain killing properties. It can be good for back pain provided you don't have other health issues, for example its not good to take if you have kidney issues. So although its an over the counter drug its still a good idea to speak to your doctor & not just google/seabreeze.

The Panadol with 30mg of codeine you mention is Panadeine Forte. I was prescribed them last week after surgery for the second time after 26 years. First time was for kidney surgery...this time round they really doped me up & made me feel nauseous. I took 1/2 the DR's recommended dose 1/2 the times of day (1 tab, twice a day). I found them an effective pain relief, but made me really dopey & I stopped taking them after a couple of days. Personally I would't want to surf on them over an extended time, but thats just my pov.

Sorry I'm not able to offer any input of recommended relief for you other than facts & personal opinion...I'd certainly try peoples suggestions of various forms of excercise/stretches before searching out drugs to dull your senses.

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21 Apr 2019 10:34PM
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Opiate derivatives are depressant in action, which means they slow the mind and body down. Ever see anyone heroin? It's not a "high", it's a low. My strong advice is don't take opioids and do anything which requires physical exertion or mental acuity. From an old psych nurse.


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