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I picked up your board at the cove

Created by DJ12 > 9 months ago, 18 Nov 2011
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18 Nov 2011 12:07PM
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To the guy who has just realised he's left his board at the cove and is now (hopefully) desperately checking seabreeze to see whether someone has it, I do. I hung around the carpark for a bit in case you returned, but had to take off so I grabbed your board so someone less helpful wouldn't! Let me know (reply post, PM or email me - and I'll get it back to you. I know who you are (what you look like) and you know what your board is so it should be easy!

If anyone else knows who this might be, let them know - I know how gutted I would be if I lost my board so hopefully we can sort this ASAP!

Cheers, Dave.

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18 Nov 2011 12:44PM
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well done dave wave karma for you

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18 Nov 2011 1:28PM
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instant carton!

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18 Nov 2011 1:36PM
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top shelf honest dude - applause DJ ... good man!

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18 Nov 2011 1:51PM
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About the only other thing you could do is put a poster where you found it DJ, other than that good job

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18 Nov 2011 2:26PM
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yeh I've thought about the poster - will do that if I don't get any response in the next day or two on here. hopefully I can get his board back to him before he rocks up to the beach for the next surf and realises it's not in the back of his car!

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18 Nov 2011 4:04PM
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Suba ?

(Although if in still one piece, maybe not!)

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18 Nov 2011 4:48PM
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Hahaha not mine, although I was there today...watching not surfing.
Def put up a found ad up at coves. I'm happy to do it for ya tomorrow as I'm local.
Hope ya get plenty of wave karma...

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18 Nov 2011 6:06PM
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Good man

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18 Nov 2011 9:05PM
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oz surf
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19 Nov 2011 10:25AM
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Good on ya Dave . Absolute legend


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"I picked up your board at the cove" started by DJ12